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How to Choose the Most Comfortable Yoga Clothes for Your Practice

From materials and fabrics to comfort and breathability, we've got you covered.

By Team PelotonUpdated March 25, 2024


If you’re new to yoga, you’re probably looking forward to reaping some of the benefits, like a strong core, improved flexibility, and even stress relief. But if you want to get the most out of your time on the mat, you have to think about what to wear to yoga. Believe it or not, your activewear can have a big impact on just how focused and comfortable you are, which directly correlates to the quality of your yoga session. 

Here’s why: You want your attention to be on how your body is moving—not how your clothes are fitting. Nobody at yoga wants to deal with clothing that’s saggy, too tight, or otherwise distracting. Ideally, your yoga leggings and top should have that second-skin feeling, so your mind is free to fully enjoy your flow.

With the right yoga clothes, you’ll feel confident and comfortable. From stretchy pants to supportive tops, we've got the scoop on what to wear to yoga, so you can Downward Dog or Pigeon Pose like a pro.

Why Comfort Matters in Yoga Clothes

What you wear to yoga serves very specific needs. While you may get away with wearing loose, flowing tops and gym shorts that are a little too large for you when cycling, rowing, or running, those clothing choices will quickly become problematic and uncomfortable during yoga. That could distract you from your workout.

Another thing to consider: where you’re practicing. If you'll be practicing yoga at a studio or in another group setting, you'll want to consider the dress code and any specific guidelines the studio has in place. If at home, you have more flexibility in terms of what you can wear. 

Finding the Right Fit for Yoga Apparel

Perhaps the biggest difference between yoga clothes and other workout clothes centers on how yoga clothes fit your body. You’ll need a yoga outfit that is both supportive and flexible. That’s because you'll be stretching and moving in all sorts of directions during your yoga practice, so you’ll want clothing that allows for a full range of motion. Look for garments with stretchy fabrics and a relaxed fit to ensure you can move freely. 

But flowy garments don’t really work either—you need your clothes to move with you as you move through Cobra Pose, Downward-Facing Dog, and other common yoga poses. If a garment is too loose or oversized, it’s more likely to get in your way (no matter how comfy it may be off the mat).

The Importance of Material and Fabric

Comfort goes hand-in-hand with fit. When deciding what to wear to yoga, you should focus on what feels comfortable to you. There should be no pinching, itchiness, or tags that can irritate the skin. Seamless leggings and tops are your new BFFs here.

Breathability is also key when it comes to the best yoga leggings and tops. Choose yoga clothes made from moisture-wicking and breathable fabrics, such as nylon or polyester. These materials will help keep you cool and comfy during your practice, especially if you’re practicing hot yoga or more strenuous forms of yoga, such as power yoga. Avoid cotton, as it tends to hold onto sweat and can quickly become heavy, burdensome, and uncomfortable.

Essential Yoga Wear for Women

Now that you know what to wear to yoga and what to consider while choosing your studio outfit, let's take a look at some specific recommendations for different types of yoga apparel.

Choosing the Perfect Sports Bra and Top

For women, a good sports bra is essential for any type of workout, including yoga practice. Look for a bra that provides enough support for your specific needs and allows for a full range of motion. On top of your sports bra, look for a moisture-wicking athletic top. Again, it should be more form-fitting than loose. Here’s a quick test to figure out if your top is too loose for yoga: When you bend over, it should cling to your body rather than fall away from you. 

You may also wish to layer up. If you're practicing in a cooler environment or tend to get chilly during your practice, you could bring a light layer to wear over your sports bra and top. A lightweight sweater or jacket can be a good option.

The Best Bottoms for Yoga: Pants, Shorts, and Leggings

As for yoga leggings, shorts, or pants: there are a huge array of options available in every cut, color, and style under the sun. Look for yoga leggings that are comfortable, flexible, and made from moisture-wicking and breathable materials. The leggings should be fitted and snug, but avoid anything too compressive or restrictive around your waistline; that may cause pain or digestive discomfort.

Lastly, your footwear is important. While most yoga sessions are done barefoot, others may require socks or shoes. For example, during Yoga Conditioning classes that blend weights with yoga, you may feel more sturdy with a supportive pair of trainers. Similarly, a cozy pair of grippy socks during a yin yoga class can enhance your relaxation and help you maintain a steady stance as you’re holding poses for minutes on end. 

Yoga Clothing Recommendations for Men

In general, men's yoga clothes should follow the same guidelines as women's yoga clothes, with a focus on comfort, breathability, and flexibility. Here’s what to know if you’re shopping for men’s yoga clothes.

Tops and T-Shirts for Men's Yoga Practice

Similar to women’s yoga tops, men should wear slim-fitting short-sleeved tops or tanks to hit the mat. Lightweight, breathable material will keep guys cool and comfy, even during the tougher yoga classes. You may be tempted to skip the shirt when flowing at home, which is totally fine—but keep in mind your shirt provides a sweat barrier between you and your yoga mat, so keeping your top on can help prevent sweat-related slips and drips.

Yoga Shorts and Pants for Men

During yoga, many guys don’t wear leggings on their own (but if you do, more power to you). Instead, men’s yoga bottoms are usually joggers or lightweight, slim-fitting sweatpants. Many yoga-specific men’s shorts feature an inner compressive lining for extra coverage during inverted poses. Men can also layer their go-to workout shorts over a pair of leggings—just opt for a shorter inseam length so the shorts don’t funk up your flow.

What to Avoid Wearing to Yoga

You’ve got nearly endless options when deciding what to wear to yoga, but there are a few pieces of apparel you should avoid at all costs—even if you’ve been doing yoga every day and run through your usual clothing options. Here’s what NOT to wear to yoga (trust us, it’s for your own good):

  • Jeans or other heavy, inflexible fabrics: No matter how baggy, jeans and other heavy, inflexible fabrics can restrict your movements and be uncomfortable during your yoga practice. Stick to lightweight, stretchy fabrics instead.

  • Clothes that are too loose: While it's important to choose clothes that are comfortable and allow for a full range of motion, clothes that are too loose can get in the way and may even pose a tripping hazard.

  • Clothes that are too tight: On the other hand, clothes that are too tight can restrict your movements and be uncomfortable. Look for a fit that is relaxed but not too loose.

  • Clothing with zippers: While a zipper on the back of your running tights might be great for stashing your keys during an outdoor run, it can cause discomfort when you’re laying on your back during certain yoga poses.

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