Welcome to Peloton. Let’s Get Started.

Welcome to Peloton. Let’s Get Started.

By PelotonUpdated January 28, 2021


If you’ve downloaded the Peloton App or are even thinking about it, we’re really excited for you. We’re excited for you to join the biggest and best fitness community in the world, to discover our extensive library of world-class live and on-demand content and to become the strongest version of yourself.

We’ve all been new to Peloton at some point, and there are a few tips and tricks we want to share to help you get off to a flying start. We’ve assembled our Welcome to Peloton Collection on the app—a package of 11 classes across our fitness disciplines—to help get you acquainted with the instruction style you can expect in each class type. Jump in, say hello to our community (on the Leaderboard!) and a few of our incredible instructors, and come out on the other side raring to find your next workout.

Here are the classes you’ll find in the collection:


  • 20 min Beginner Bodyweight Strength with Andy Speer

  • 20 min Intermediate Bodyweight Strength with Ben Alldis

  • 10 min Core Strength with Ben Alldis

  • 5 min Core Strength with Olivia Amato




Follow these steps to find the Welcome to Peloton collection:

  1. Open the Peloton App on your mobile device or tablet.

  2. At startup the app will open into the Classes tab (seen at the bottom of your screen); at the top of your screen, tap the Collections tab.

  3. The Welcome to Peloton Collection will be at the top of your screen.

  4. Tap into the collection and scroll to select your class of choice!

(Note: Collections can only be accessed via your mobile device or tablet and Web, but you can download the Peloton App for Apple TV, Fire TV, Android TV and Roku to take classes on the big screen.)

img-1-Welcome to Peloton. Let’s Get Started.

Set yourself up with enough room to roll out a workout mat and be able to comfortably move in the space around you. When you press start on your class of choice, your instructor will run through everything you need to know to be successful for the duration of the class. After greeting you with a smile and quick introduction, they’ll note any additional equipment you’ll need (though you won’t need anything much for the classes in this collection), which footwear might be suitable and remind you to keep a water bottle and towel nearby. Then they’ll dive into an overview of the class plan, pump you up then it’s off to the races!

After the class finishes, your post-workout screen will allow you to rate the difficulty and then view your personal statistics (if you’ve linked a smartwatch or heart rate monitor) and any badges you’ve earned. If you loved the class and want to revisit it again and again, simply bookmark it for safekeeping—or share it to Facebook and Instagram stories to bring your friends in on the fun.

And that’s it! Now that you have everything you need to start your Peloton journey, feel free to click around on The Output to learn more about our instructors, get some top advice from our seasoned Members and explore different methods to optimize your routine with the Peloton App.

Soon, we’ll all feel like close friends. It’s the Peloton way.