The Perfect Gift for Every Peloton Member in Your Life

 The Perfect Gift for Every Peloton Member in Your Life

We’ve got suggestions for runners, cyclists, and everyone in between.

By PelotonUpdated November 3, 2022


Believe it or not, the holidays are upon us! To help you celebrate, we’ve put together a gift guide with suggestions for every Peloton Member you might need to shop for. These tools, accessories, and apparel will help them stay fit, feel good, and take their workouts to the next level all year round.

For the Cycling Enthusiast

Anyone who’s tried them knows that once you’ve completed one ride on the Peloton Bike or Peloton Bike+ wearing cycling shoes, there’s no going back to sneakers in cages. Depending on your price point, Peloton’s Cycling Shoes or Altos Cycling Shoes are an immediate burn booster. The same goes for our Light Weights, which will help work the shoulders, biceps, and triceps during rides that incorporate upper body exercises, and the Peloton Heart Rate Band, which helps track fitness gains.

If they haven’t had their Peloton Bike or Peloton Bike+ for very long and are working on building out their workout space, our Bike Mat will help your friend protect their floors while stabilizing the Bike. (Plus, it just makes the whole setup look nice!) And for the Bike+ owner who utilizes the swivel screen to complete strength or yoga workouts, the Reversible Workout Mat will provide cushioning for the joints along with a safe, grippy surface.

If they’re all set on accessories, you might consider some stylish Peloton apparel. For cycling, we love the Renewed Control Bra, Striving Short Sleeve, Studio Side Slit Muscle Tank, and Tech Short Sleeve. Add in a Peloton x Camelbak Bottle and a Sweat Towel Set and your loved ones will be kitted out and ready to ride.

For Your Favorite Runner

The Peloton Tread has developed quite a devoted following—and once you add in the Members who rely on the audio-only outdoor runs in the Peloton App, the number of runners in our community is even more impressive. If one of your loved ones is part of that crew, we recommend gifting them the Cadent Strappy Fast Bra or the Speed 6” Lined Slim Fit Short for their Tread workouts, as well as the Metallic Water Bottle for speedy sips between intervals.

Just as for cyclists, our Heart Rate Band is an excellent gift that will help runners track their training and watch their cardiovascular fitness improve in real time. The Reversible Workout Mat will also provide a safe and comfortable surface for pre- and post-run stretches as well as yoga and strength training. For experienced and aspiring yogis, a yoga block can be the key to improved form and progression in their practice. And for those who are working on strength gains to help them get faster, dumbbells can also make a great addition to their gym. They come in five-pound increments from 5 to 30 pounds.

For the Lifting Lover

Speaking of lifting, our Peloton Guide family is growing bigger every day! This AI-powered device offers personalized class recommendations designed to give you a well-rounded workout every day and every week. Plus, Guide tracks your progress over time so you can see how your form, strength, and fitness improve with every session. So it goes without saying that a Guide Member would welcome a Heart Rate Band and Reversible Workout Mat, while a package of dumbbells or individual dumbbell pairs (depending on what they already have) will ensure they get the most out of every workout.

And don’t forget about the perfect strength training look! When it comes to apparel for the types of classes available on Peloton Guide, we love the Precise and Charged Tie Front Legging, Warm Up ¼ Zip Long Sleeve, and Run Hat 2.0.

For the Newbie

Did you know that as a Peloton Member, you can gift a guest pass to the Peloton App? If you have a friend who has been talking about getting the app or purchasing Peloton equipment for a while but has yet to take the leap (or one who’s a longtime exerciser but doesn’t understand the hype), consider sending them a guest pass. It gives them access for 60 days, so they can thoroughly check out all Peloton classes have to offer. (Read on to learn more about sharing guest passes.)

Still having trouble deciding what gift to give? Remember, the best present for any Peloton Member in your life is the one that says “I support you” and “I’m proud of you for going on this fitness journey.” Happy holidays!

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