Here are the New Peloton Features You Don't Want to Miss

By PelotonUpdated June 30, 2020


Our latest updates make your training experience easier and more exciting, no matter where you are. This month, push harder, go farther and have lots of fun along the way. Take classes on the Web, celebrate new successes with fellow Members, and crank it up a notch with Programs and Collections! Find out more below.

img-1-Here are the New Peloton Features You Don't Want to Miss

Peloton Programs & Collections

If you’re looking for exciting ways to step up your training routine on the Bike, Peloton Programs is for you. With the expertise of Peloton instructors, commit to a week-by-week program of workouts all laddering up to a larger goal.Plus, we’re introducing more tools to help you find the content you love with Collections. Find classes by instructor, or favorite classes from the Peloton team. Excited for the weekend? Try a class from Denis Morton’s Fresh Fridays Collection.

Search Classes By Artist Or Class Title

Now it’s easier for you to find the classes you’re looking for. Search for all your favorite workouts by class title or musical artist. When you’re in the mood for some throwbacks, search your favorite 80’s band to find classes featuring their songs, or search directly for a class by name.

Closed Captioning

Newly released on-demand classes now have closed captioning. You can find classes with captions by using a new filter in the on-demand library on the Bike. Within those classes, you can turn captions on or off at any time during the class through the quick settings menu located on the top right corner. This is the first step in a series of upgrades to make more content available with captioning.

img-2-Here are the New Peloton Features You Don't Want to Miss

Web Launch

Peloton classes are now accessible on the Web at members.onepeloton.com! Try a floor or bootcamp class directly from your laptop, phone or tablet, or cast your favorite rides to your TV. Browse all the live and on-demand classes you love and take them on any device with a Web browser. Working out has never been more convenient.


When you’re striving to be better than yesterday, there are lots of moments worth celebrating. This feature allows you to do just that. Now, you can send a high five when one of your fellow Members is on a daily streak, hits a milestone or sets a personal record during class.