Why I Love Having an Accountability Partner

Why I Love Having an Accountability Partner

Peloton Members share how the support of their communities has pushed them to new heights.

By Samantha LandeUpdated December 8, 2022


We get it: Staying motivated to work out regularly can be hard. But that’s where an accountability partner comes in. An accountability partner is there to cheer you on and encourage you to keep going, even on the hard days. They’ll drag you out of bed in the morning and keep you focused on your goals. And you’ll return the favor for them, of course—because accountability partners support and lift each other up.

Looking to find an accountability partner of your own? We asked some of our Members to share how they found accountability partners and how that support has helped them achieve their goals.

From Co-Workers to Accountability Partners

Peloton Members Erin P. and Julie W. from West Bloomfield, Michigan, both taught kindergarten in the same school district but only really knew each other from district-wide meetings. When Covid-19 hit, they were both assigned to teach virtually, so they started to talk about school—and then Erin convinced Julie to get a Peloton Bike.

They started out high-fiving back and forth and sharing favorite rides with each other via text. That later led to taking some Peloton classes together, and eventually, becoming accountability partners.

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“We never had a formal conversation about it,” says Julie. “She told me she rode early mornings before school, and I sort of laughed it off thinking that would never happen.”

Now the two ride daily at 6:30 a.m. before they start their full day of teaching. They’ll text the night before to pick the ride. (It’s usually Julie’s choice, as she’s very music-driven.)

“Before I wouldn’t have believed that just knowing someone is there . . . would have mattered, until it became a daily high five,” Julie says. “Knowing Erin is there is something so motivating when getting out of bed.”

That daily commitment keeps them both energized to get through the class as well as their (often-exhausting) school days.

“We high five each other 70 times during the class. In the middle of every song,” Erin says. “Keeps it interesting and keeps us connected.”

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Accountability Turned Friendship

Back in 2019, Members Franny L., Alison H., Aly T., and Sara P. all joined the Early Riser Peloton Accountability Facebook group. Little did they know they were about to become close friends and accountability partners.

After noticing that the four of them were constantly commenting on the same threads and often riding at the same time, Sara pulled them into a side chat to see if they wanted to start riding together. Facebook chats turned into text messages and then daily Peloton rides. Soon, Alison asked if they wanted to do a Power Zone challenge.

“I remember being panic-stricken,” Franny says. “The Power Zone challenges were so much pressure, but I got sucked into the madness and things really solidified.” Her buddies sent texts and memes as encouragement to help her power through those 60- and 90-minute rides, she notes.

From there, they added in the Hardcore on the Floor group calendar and started to ride and take strength classes together. And although they don’t work out together every single day, they’re always checking in about everyone’s workout, giving motivation to get moving even though they’re spread out from Boston to Toronto.

“Even when you build a habit, there are so many days you still don’t want to do it,” Alison says, “but okay, I promised I am going to do this so let’s get it done.”

They’re all in similar stages of life—with nine kids under nine between them—so they have plenty to talk about aside from working out. That’s helped their connection grow into more than accountability; now it’s about friendship, trust, and vulnerability too.

“There’s that sense of commitment to one another beyond just showing up and riding the Bike,” Alison says.

Adds Franny: “If one of us is having a hard time, the other three are here to put hands on each other's backs and keep us going.”

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It’s a Family Affair

Member Nicole B. started her Peloton journey after she tore her ACL skiing and needed something for recovery. Once she had gotten back into exercising, she ended up recruiting her dad, sisters, and sister-in-law to join her.

Through many ups and downs, her sisters and sister-in-law have been true accountability partners. Whether she’s taking a Saturday 60 with Jess Sims or a hiking or walking class, Nicole can often be found FaceTiming on mute with one of them on any given day.

The constant support has been crucial, Nicole says, adding that they’ll often ask each other “What are your goals? What are you doing to meet them?” And when Nicole was trying to complete 10,000 minutes of Peloton workouts for the year, her sister-in-law was right there to jump into a class with her to make sure she didn’t give up.

“We all have different seasons of life where our bodies need different things, whether it’s strength or meditation,” Nicole says. “It’s nice to have someone there to check in and give encouragement.”

Have you explored the Peloton Tags feature? It’s another great way to find new accountability buddies and communities!