How The Peloton Bike Makes Your Family Workout Possible

By PelotonUpdated June 30, 2020


There may be miles of distance between our Members as they clip in to the Peloton Bike, but there’s an undeniable connection created within each ride, turn of resistance and high-five given on the Leaderboard. Many of our Members have established strong friendships just by working out together virtually and others use the Bike to schedule a regular family workout to stay in touch with their loved ones who may be living in different parts of the country.

Peloton Members and twins Jasmine and Katia live on opposite coasts, but use the classes on the Bike as a way to stay close by competing on the Leaderboard. Planning a family workout or two each week is so important for keeping their sister connection strong. “We’re very competitive on the Bike...I filter the Leaderboard to just her and I.” says Jasmine, “...and I’m usually hot out of the get-go!,” describes Katia. Clipping in to class has become way more than being just a time to compete. “Having this physical outlet is really cool. It’s been another tool for us to stay connected and to ‘see’ one another, despite the distance,” says Katia.

Sibling rivalry goes way beyond childhood for Member and Peloton Retail Associate Christine L., who uses the Bike to get a sweat in with her brother. “I've always been a cyclist, but he gave it a shot when a back injury caused him to stop running. Since we are several states away, Peloton makes it possible for us to share this love of cycling together in the same class. One morning I found out he was in NYC and I encouraged him to go take a live class in the studio...I took the same class and before the room went dark, I could see him on my Peloton screen!”

Mother and daughter duo Judy and Celina Schocken not only bond by working out together on the Bike despite their cross-country distance, they love the chance to catch up and discuss favorite moments from rides and exchange class recommendations for each other’s next workout. “It's fun to have an exercise we like to do that we can share,” says Celina. “I often tell my parents about rides that I have enjoyed, and encourage them to take the same ones.”

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