Everything You Need to Know About Visiting Peloton Studios London

Everything You Need to Know About Visiting Peloton Studios London

We’ve got answers to all your questions about booking classes, what to bring, meeting instructors, and more.

By Team PelotonUpdated August 19, 2022


We are so excited to welcome our Members into our studios for select live classes. If you’re getting ready to visit Peloton Studios London (PSL), read on for all the details you need to prepare. Can’t wait to see you soon!

peloton studios new york plaza entrance member lounge


Where is the studio located?

PSL is located at 11 Floral Street in Covent Garden, right in the heart of London. There you’ll find three studios dedicated to Peloton Bike, Peloton Tread, and strength classes. (Please note: Members will be able to take live Bike and Tread classes at PSL, but strength classes will not have live audiences.)

When is the studio open?

You can book classes at PSL Thursday through Monday. Both Peloton Members and non-Members will be able to take classes at the studio on these days. From Monday through Thursday, our team will focus on producing classes with no live audience.

How do I book a class?

You can book a class six weeks in advance at studio.onepeloton.co.uk. Classes will be open for booking at 5 pm on Thursdays.

Can I book a specific spot in class? Our team will assign you a spot in class once you arrive at PSL.

I have old class credits for PSL. Can I still use them to book a class?Old credits should have been converted, but if you’re having trouble, please contact our team at Studiosld@onepeloton.com.

What’s the cost of a class at PSL?A class at PSL costs £25.

Do I need to have a Peloton Membership to take a class?

No, you do not have to be a Peloton Member to take a class at PSL. (But if you take a class and love it, you might want to start a free trial on the Peloton App!)


How do I sign in?

When you enter PSL, you’ll be greeted by our Studio Member Experience team, who will help you check in and direct you to your next stop.

When do I need to arrive?

You will need to check in 1 hour to 45 minutes prior to the start of class. Studio doors open 30 minutes before, and you will need to be ready to enter the Studio at least 25 minutes before the class begins. And don’t forget to give yourself time to change and check out our Member spaces!

What amenities are available at PSL?

PSL’s Member lounge serves as a space for our community to meet and congregate. Our cafe has food and beverage options for Members to enjoy. Our Retail store has Peloton Apparel for sale, as well as some city exclusives and Bike, Bike+, Tread, and Guide ready for purchase.

Will there be a place to secure my stuff?

Yes, we have lockers with built-in locks where you can leave your possessions. Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate luggage behind the Member Experience / Concierge desks. Each locker is big enough to hold a small-sized duffle, weekender bag, or backpack.

Are there changing rooms and showers?

Yes, PSL’s facilities include gender neutral locker rooms with changing booths, showers, and amenities to help you get ready before class and then freshen up afterward.

Can I visit if I’m not taking a class?

Members of the public are welcome to visit the reception area and cafe Friday through Sunday. Stay tuned for additional opportunities to see the full studio space!


Will I be on camera?

Possibly! Our studio classes are filmed for our livestream and on-demand library. You may or may not be visible on camera, depending on your spot and how that particular class is filmed. Generally, the studio is dark and only the instructor is well lit—so no need to worry if you're camera shy.

Do I need to bring cycling shoes? Towels? A water bottle?

If you’re taking a Peloton Bike class, cycling shoes will be provided for free. We’ll also supply you with fresh towels for all your workouts. We do encourage Members to bring their own water bottles, which can be filled up at stations throughout the building. (If you forget though, there’s water available for purchase too.)

I’d like to bring my own cycling shoes. What pedals do the Bikes at PSL use?Our studio pedals are dual sided and will be compatible with both SPD and Delta clips.

What if I don’t know my Peloton Bike settings?

Don’t worry! We’ve got Peloton employees in the studio who will be able to help you figure out the optimal settings for your Bike. Doors to class open 30 minutes early, so you’ll have plenty of time to get set up and ready for class.

Can I send high fives during class?

Yes! Our in-studio Leaderboard has now been expanded to include all Members, not just the ones in the room with you. That means you’ll be able to send high fives to at-home participants too.


Will I get to meet my instructor?

Yes! After class ends, your instructor will be happy to take photos with Members. A Peloton employee will take the photo for you and email you a link to download it later in the day.

Can I take pictures of the studio during my visit?

Yes, you can take photos with your phone or camera in Member spaces. But we ask that you please don’t use your phone during classes.

Can I buy Peloton apparel?

You gotta look good for class, right? Our retail store right next door (and connected) to PSL on 12 Floral Street will have Peloton Apparel (including city exclusives!) for sale.


Where should I park?

Parking in the area is limited. However, if you need to drive, you may be able to find space at a nearby car park or on-street parking near the tube station.

Can I take public transportation?

Yes, the Covent Garden tube station and the Leicester Square bus stop are just a short walk away.

What is there to do in the area?

PSL is located in Covent Garden, a vibrant neighborhood with lots of shopping and entertainment. Ask our Concierge team at studiosconciergeld@onepeloton. com for our local recommendations!


Can I book a large group or a special occasion?

If you’re interested in a group booking, please reach out to studiosconciergeld@onepeloton. com at least 8 weeks ahead.