How To Try The New Peloton Tread

How To Try The New Peloton Tread

It's finally in showrooms near you.

By PelotonUpdated November 9, 2020


When we announced the addition of the Peloton Tread to our Peloton family, we were most excited for all of you to be able to try it, live and in person. Peloton Treads are designed to offer you challenging running and strength workouts in your home, on your schedule, and the new Tread incorporates all of the elements we’ve perfected in the Tread+ to create an experience you’ll look forward to every day. Beginning 11/9, the new Peloton Tread is available to try across the country, and you can check availability in our showrooms near you.

It’s hard to describe the excitement of a workout with the Tread, whether it be a bootcamp or a walk, a yoga class or strength training. Peloton’s expert instructors program their workouts to make the most of the time you have, whether it’s a short, intense HIIT run or an hour-long endurance class. And that variety in our classes means there’s something for every member of the family to enjoy, no matter what they’re in the mood to do. Even if you don’t think you’re a runner (yet!) you’ll find a lot to love about the Peloton Tread: it gives you access to a full complement of cardio and strength workouts, both combined for you or easily stackable on your own, and super adaptable to the equipment you have on hand.

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So what will you see when you walk into our retail showrooms? Get ready to be drawn right in to the 23.8” HD touchscreen, which makes it easy to do strength classes and cross-training in the same space you do cardio workouts. The Tread is a true tool for total-body fitness, and unlike anything else you’ve used before. That goes for the design of the Tread itself, too—at 68” long it takes up about as much space as a couch, but packs a lot of innovation into a small package. The integrated speakers will get your heart pumping to the beat; the fully-rethought running surface supports a natural running motion with no front shroud to accidentally kick and a belt that minimizes slippage and maximizes stability; and the speed and incline is adjusted via Peloton’s signature knobs, which are easy to move on the fly via our jump buttons or by spinning them forward and back without interrupting your natural motion.

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And that’s not all you’ll notice is new during your visit, especially if you’ve been to one of our showrooms before. The health of our community is our first priority, so we’ve designed a signature experience to let you get hands-on with our hardware while staying safe. During your 30-minute appointment, face masks are required, and we’ll provide hand sanitizing before entering. As we guide you through your 10-minute warm-up run, we’ll maintain six feet of social distance, available to answer any of your questions and to let you enjoy the run. In addition, we’ve implemented daily professional deep-cleanings and contactless payments only to help keep our employees and Members safe. If you can’t make it into the store due to local restrictions or for personal safety, we encourage you to call your closest store to find out about alternative walkthrough options.

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Take the first step towards bringing home total-body training for your entire family, and for a better value than you ever imagined. Click here to contact your local showroom and learn more about how to try the Peloton Tread.