Strong as a Mother: Robin Arzón’s Pregnancy Journey

Strong as a Mother: Robin Arzón’s Pregnancy Journey

“I’m not ‘strong for a pregnant lady.’ Strength is my standard.”

By PelotonUpdated February 4, 2021


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On a sunny September Friday in New York City, Peloton Instructor and VP of Fitness Programming Robin Arzón announced her pregnancy to the world. In the 25th minute of teaching a “Together We Ride” class live from Peloton Studios New York, with Lauryn Hill’s “To Zion” serenading in the background, Robin stood up from the saddle, extended her arms out wide and said, full of emotion, “We are having a baby! I am pregnant with my first child, and I have to share it with you. So if anyone ever doubts that this is more than a Bike, I would invite them to look again.”

The unbridled joy that our community expressed upon hearing the happy news could only be topped by that of Robin herself, as she and husband Drew embraced at the end of the ride, Pequeño now introduced to the world. “I talk to Pequeño all the time,” says Robin. “I'll say, ‘Pequeño, you're about to meet millions of people who have allowed me to redefine family.’” It was a moment that renewed hope and promise for the future, carried by a symbol who has defined strength, unapologetic confidence and hustle for Peloton Members everywhere. “I’ve shared so many milestones with the Peloton community,” she says. “Why not this?”

If you’re a Peloton Member, chances are high that you’ve taken a class with Robin. She teaches on the Bike, Tread and on the mat for strength classes. After each class, you’re guaranteed to walk away feeling like you can conquer anything the world throws at you. This unwavering self-belief that Robin instills in everyone stems from her own philosophies about fitness and life, which are perhaps more relevant than ever as she adds “mom” to her multi-hyphenate repertoire. In our three-part docuseries, you’ll get a glimpse into the purpose that drives Robin, precious moments from the home life she’s cultivated with her husband Drew and her perspective on motherhood. “Our greatest obstacles are our greatest opportunities,” says Robin. “And thankfully, I think my history as an athlete is going to lend itself to approaching childbirth and motherhood. I don’t presume to know what’s going to happen, but I know I’m strong as hell. And I’ll deal with it.”

When, during that now-famed ride, Robin called out to the #PelotonMoms Leaderboard Tag and asked, “do you have more room for a wolf in the wolfpack?,” she tapped into a community that knows what it means to find strength. Following Robin’s announcement, Peloton parents took to social media to express excitement for the potential of prenatal classes, and we couldn’t disappoint. As she continues to teach Peloton classes throughout her pregnancy, Robin is bringing you all-new prenatal workouts designed to keep you hustling along your own journey. To start, we’re dropping 6 classes from Prenatal Core Basics to Prenatal Recovery Rides, all with OB/GYN-suggested modifications and intensity cues for expecting mothers. Remember, each pregnancy is different, and each woman's health and fitness level is unique. Monitor your intensity level throughout prenatal classes, and adapt your movements to your own comfort and fitness level. You should only participate in Peloton classes with your doctor’s approval.

“Pregnancy is one of the most amazing things ever,” says Dr. Heather Irobunda, board-certified OB/GYN and the newest member of Peloton’s Health and Wellness Advisory Council. “Not only are you maintaining your body and doing all of the important things that your body needs it to do normally, you are also fully sustaining and providing for another life. In addition, labor is basically an endurance sport!” Dr. Irobunda, a Peloton Member herself, endorses cardio activities like cycling or running during pregnancy to help maintain endurance and train for the labor process. “But, it is important that if the expectant mother has not been physically active prior to pregnancy, that she takes her time with physical activity and does exercises that align with her pre-pregnancy level of fitness,” she notes—something which Robin also emphasizes in class.

Dr. Irobunda also acknowledges that the trials an expectant mother may face are not only physical, but also mental. “Anxiety and depression are huge mental health challenges that expecting mothers face. Especially during these times, there is so much uncertainty. This uncertainty, coupled with the anxiety of not being able to control everything that is going on and changing in your body during pregnancy, can really make things especially tough.” Her advice is to make sure you have a support system both clinically, with providers like therapists, and socially, with family or groups like the #PelotonMoms Tag. Of course, exercise helps, too. “All types of fitness activities can reduce stress, which has so many beneficial effects on mental health.”

Women are warriors, as Robin says, and our new prenatal classes will help make strength your standard—no qualifiers needed. Take a class on demand now.

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