6 Peloton Members Who Crushed It While Traveling

6 Peloton Members Who Crushed It While Traveling

Let their stories inspire you to stick to your goals when you’re away from home.

By Lauren Brown West-RosenthalUpdated May 4, 2022


For even the most disciplined, diligent Peloton Members, travel plans—whether for work or pleasure—can derail goals. You’re off your routine, away from your home setup, and in some cases, in a different time zone. All of those things can make squeezing in a workout feel impossible.

But it doesn’t have to be that way, we promise. Before you hit the road, these Peloton Member stories will inspire you to stay focused and make fitness a priority, no matter how far from home you are or how long you’ll be away. From hitting milestones to experimenting with new classes, these Members are reframing travel as a way to take their progress to the next level.

Making New Peloton Friends

“I flew from my home in Los Angeles to spend a month in North Carolina after my mom fell and got hurt. I was doing a Power Zone challenge and was so committed to it that I found a friend of a friend in North Carolina who was nice enough to let me use her Peloton Bike while I was there. I don't think she knew I was going to use it four to five times a week! Based on her work schedule, I’d get up early and drive 15 minutes each way to her house, tip toe into her basement and ride. I successfully completed the challenge. I left her a nice orchid, a set of the towels I love using while riding and a gift card to Starbucks as a thank you. Of course, I'm hoping she allows me to use the Bike again when I visit my mom next. I'm lost without it!” —Jaime R.

Celebrating Milestones While Apart

“I got to celebrate shared milestones with my wife on the same live ride. It was a 7:30 AM Eastern Time ride. She was at home, and I was in San Diego for work, so I did the ride at 4:30 AM Pacific Time so we could have a joint milestone ride. Got a great double shout out from Christine D’Ercole too because my wife put something about being "left at home again" as her location.” —Tari H.

Taking a Break From Business Meetings

“In August of 2021, I went to California on my first business trip since Covid-19. I didn’t skip a workout during that week away. I went to the hotel gym, used the Peloton App on my phone and still did my daily workouts/stacks even though the hotel gym didn’t have any Peloton equipment! I also used the App to go on outdoor walks during lunch breaks after being in all-day, closed-door office meetings. It was a breath of fresh air to walk outdoors in California weather and break up the workday. It kept me sane while away from home.” —Tania C.

Trying Something New

“I was at a conference and spent most of the day sitting. I planned on doing core or maybe some bodyweight stuff, but when I got to my VRBO, it was all hardwood, and I didn’t have a mat. So, for the first time ever, I tried Peloton’s Yoga Anywhere series. I LOVED it. I was able to get my body moving and my blood flowing. I did a class every night. I was so glad I had an option that I could easily do without any equipment and without having to lie down on the floor.” —Claire B.

Coping With Loss

“As I made plans to travel to the Phoenix area to be with a brother in hospice, I searched for a location that had a Peloton Bike. I was fortunate to find the Aloft Hotel in Tempe. The day after I checked in, my sister was taken to the hospital. I had one sibling in the VA hospital, another in a hospital in north Phoenix, a mother with dementia in the West Valley, and family arriving from other states. The two weeks I was in the area, I coordinated care for both siblings, shuttled between my mother’s home and two hospitals, chauffeured my brother-in-law to the hospital each day, etc. And I rode the Bike every day. Every. Day. It kept me sane! I cried with Christine D’Ercole, laughed with Cody Rigsby, and kept up with my Power Zone challenge. I would not have survived the death of my brother without it. I could not have been strong for my nieces and their families as their mother deteriorated without it.” —Donna P.

Going Global With the Peloton App

“As a flight attendant, I figured I’d be away from home too much for a Peloton Bike to be worth it for me. Wow, was I ever wrong! I use the Peloton App daily—and all over the world. After working all night, I do a sleep meditation when I get to my hotel, an outdoor workout throughout the city I’m in, a yoga class in my hotel room, then use strength, tread, and cycling in the hotel gym. Seriously, the best investment ever.” —Kimberly K.

Wherever you’re headed, the Peloton App has options for you. Count yourself in for a class today!