Peloton Threshold Delivery Guide

Peloton Threshold Delivery Guide

Setting Up Your Peloton

By PelotonUpdated April 8, 2020


Welcome to Peloton!

We're thrilled you've decided to join the Peloton family, and we want to make your Membership a great experience right from the start. Please follow the steps below to ensure that your Peloton Bike is properly set up, and you're ready to ride safely and effectively.

Place Bike

Move the Bike to your desired location. The Bike weighs 135 pounds (including the touchscreen); we recommend that two adults pitch in to move the Bike from room to room. If you are moving the Bike up stairs or around sharp corners, consider disconnecting the touchscreen and moving it separately, to prevent accidents. Follow these steps to make moving the Bike easier.

Stabilize Bike

If your Bike is not stable, turn the outer feet on the front and rear stabilizers counterclockwise until they rest firmly on the ground. The middle foot on each stabilizer is not adjustable. Once placed, gently rock the Bike to verify that it does not wobble. Watch the video below to see these steps in action:

Attach Touchscreen

Your Bike may come with the touchscreen removed to allow you to more easily move the Bike within your home. Remove the back panel of the touchscreen, line the touchscreen up with the monitor mount then use a Philips head screwdriver to secure it in place with the provided screws. Then replace the back panel and fully plug in the monitor cable. If your Bike was delivered without the touchscreen attached, watch the video below to learn how to install it:

Power On

Plug the power supply into a wall jack. The LED on the power supply should light up green. Press the top button on the back of the touchscreen to power it on.

Connect to Wireless

Select your wifi network and password to get started.

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You can activate either using the email address used to purchase with your password or using the activation key included in the email titled 'How to prepare for your upcoming bike delivery'.

Subscription & Payment Setup

Enter your credit card information to successfully activate your all-access Membership. You can update your payment method any time either on your Bike by tapping on the three-bar settings icon in the bottom right-hand corner of your home screen and selecting profile settings then navigating to Membership or on the web at

Set Up Your Profile

Confirm your profile information, choose your leaderboard name (which is how you'll be known around the Peloton community!) and, if you'd like, connect to Facebook/Spotify/Apple Music. This is optional, but will allow you to enjoy additional features like Track Love, to take your favorite songs from your Peloton classes with you on the go.

Peloton 101

Ensuring that you're comfortable on the Bike is one of the most important parts of your Peloton experience. We created Peloton 101 to help you set your Bike up properly and perfect your form. You can rewatch these videos at any time on your Bike by tapping on the three-bar settings icon in the bottom right-hand corner of your home screen and selecting Peloton 101.


As you take more classes, your homescreen will begin to show you personalized class recommendations, making it the best destination to decide what to try out next. From the classes tab at the bottom of your screen, you’ll also be able to use filters and search functionality to find the perfect classes for you. Learn how to navigate it here, and you're ready to ride!

If you need assistance with activating your Bike please give us a call at 866-440-7445. If you need help with anything else, please call 866-679-9129

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