Peloton Spaces: Where Our Members Keep Their Bikes

Peloton Spaces: Where Our Members Keep Their Bikes

Your ultimate guide to home gym design inspiration.

By PelotonUpdated May 5, 2021


A cozy nook, an entire room, beside your bed or a window overlooking a city skyline—wherever your Peloton Bike or Bike+ lives is perfect. Here are some of our favorite home gym setups from our Members. Click on any image and scroll through for some serious inspiration!

Photo via Member @maricielcarousel

When putting together her Peloton space, Member Jana D. wanted her experience on the Bike to carry into the room: "The very first thing I selected for my new home gym was the wall mural. The colors and the road through the mountains in the mural took me on a journey, much like every time I get on my Bike. My thought was the Bike that goes nowhere, can take me down a road to wherever I want to go. I continued the road by pulling it down onto my rug and adding the word HUSTLE to it, which gave it some attitude and a pop of color. I love that my Peloton space feels so comfortable. It's relaxing, yet equally motivating at the very same instantly makes me happy, inspired and motivated to take on whatever workout I choose." Photo via Lea Hartman.

"Our Peloton Bike has been one of our saving graces during all the ups and downs of COVID, working from home, current events, wedding planning, and moving. Having the bike behind me while I’m working reminds me that the bike and Pelo-Fam are there for me when I’m ready for a break." Via Member @jillbicks

Photo via Member @tessaandmagnus

Photo via Member Alan M.

When putting together her Peloton space, Member @j3di_bunny brought her professional skills to the table: "I work as a graphic designer in the art department for film and television and I 3D-modeled the space before creating it. I was moving apartments and really planned out the whole move including the foam mats and weight rack. I am happy my Peloton has a dedicated space that it so deserves! In my old apartment I had it right next to my bed and interval and arm segments felt cramped!"She also wanted the space to feel functional to enjoy all of Peloton's offerings: "I knew that when I had the opportunity to move that I would be seeking out more space for my 'zen time' on and off the Bike - I do a lot of Peloton yoga and just found the Total Strength program with @andyspeer."

Photo via Member @fitfoertsch

Photo via Member @_khuekhue

Photo via Member @amandaowilliamson

Photo via Member @jenniferzyman

When assembling their family's Peloton space, Member Hank R. and his wife knew they had to channel some inspiration from @alextoussaint25 in the design. "Alex is the one who got us interested in Peloton, and taking his classes has helped shape my mentality through this difficult time. That's why we have his saying in the pink neon sign our wall." Hank's Bike lives in the family's garage, which lends him the perfect blend of home gym convenience and separation from the main living space. "It balances us and allows us to focus on ourselves," says Hank. And, this Peloton room very much doubles as a family room. "We have a beautiful three-year-old and having this room allows her to sit with us, showing how vital exercise is. Our space motivates us to always be better versions of ourselves in everything we do. Always do better."

When designing her Peloton space under quarantine, Member @_fitish_life asked herself a question that has crossed many a mind: How do I want to spend my time at home? "Once my gym routine was shaken, it was time to look into taking my random 'junk' room and give it a purpose! I designed this entire room with 'my Bike on the way' in mind. I even joked with friends that I was 'nesting' for my arriving baby.” Riding next to an accent wall in an energizing shade of green, Bridgette says, "my Peloton space makes me proud, motivated and excited. 2020 didn’t have to be all bad, and this room and Bike were a perfect silver lining."

Photo via Member @nixmuse

"Never in a million years did I think I would put exercise equipment in my bedroom, but here we are. And to be fair, the Peloton Bike+ is just so sleek it actually looks great. The best part about having it in our room is we're working out daily, which has literally never happened before." Via Member @sgredesigned

Member @mbrantley10's Peloton space is a personal haven—but the room's inspiration is deeply rooted in community. "The BGM [Black Girl Magic] Peloton community is so motivational—it has been instrumental in cementing my loyalty to the Peloton brand. I appreciate and love how intentional Peloton has been in nurturing an inclusive community and my newfound love led me to create a dedicated space to continue investing in myself." With space for not just riding but also training off the Bike and on the mat, Michelle's space makes the most of her Peloton membership. "I love that it's like an intimate sophisticated studio where I feel motivated to hop on my Bike for a HIIT ride, grab some weights for a strength class or wind down with yoga. This space makes me feel more connected—mind, body and soul!"

When putting together his Peloton space, Member @troybrowder wanted to strike a balance between organization and showcasing the Bike as a piece of art: “Our space came together looking on Peloton & Pinterest sites. We knew we wanted a workout cubby to keep floor clean & some artwork inspired by hills of Tour de France. What I love most about it is how cool the Bike looks and works in such a small space. This area really wasn’t used before we got the Peloton. My Peloton space inspires me to get back at and night. The sky lights sometimes hit it and it looks so pretty. We aren’t interior design people at all, but we are very very happy with the space and the product.”

Member @tori.tsu's Peloton Bike was living in her basement's bonus room for two years, and as she puts it, "with the addition of barre and Bike Bootcamp—not to mention a pandemic—it was time to give the room a makeover." The priority for the refresh was freeing up floor space for off-the-Bike classes while organizing the extra equipment. "We DIYed some giant pegboards, and added a fresh coat of paint and added some LED lights along the baseboards for that Peloton-studio mood lighting!" We're sure anyone would want to work out in this impeccable layout, and it certainly makes it easy to take advantage of every Peloton class imaginable. "I love the versatility of the space", says Tori, "which now matches the variety of classes. Whatever mood and whatever workout - we’re ready!"

Photo via Member @amandaspin2flow

"How does my Peloton space make me feel? STRONG and MAGICAL! Between the incredible motivation of the instructors and this wonderful, sparkly space, I feel like I can accomplish anything!" Via Member @balanced_sugar_hi

You know how the saying goes: The gym is the heart of the home. Or that's how it goes for Member @kelenecreates, at least. "We wanted an appealing space in the heart of our home, and the Bike+ was the perfect centerpiece." As for that lighting in a familiar hue of blue, "it makes me feel like I am front row in the Peloton studio!" says Kelene. "My Peloton space makes me feel empowered and proud of taking the steps towards a healthier lifestyle."

When putting together their Peloton space, Member @robert_craighead found the perfect spot and a new passion: "Two years ago we did a 500 square foot addition on our master bedroom and bathroom. We wound up with this space by the window overlooking our pool and couldn’t decide what to do with it. My wife and I both take spin classes daily at our gym and have for over 10 years. When the pandemic hit we were devastated that our gym closed. Our daughter had gotten a Peloton and loved it, so we ordered one...and we had already decided this spot was perfect location for it. We really enjoy it a lot and are so happy to be spinning again! It’s almost as if this Peloton area in our home was built with it in mind."

Photo via @sincerelyfrancine, of Member @thebeerdedstella's Peloton Space.

For Peloton Member and avid outdoor cyclist @coloradowildchild, building her home gym was all about one thing: "I needed something to help me stay in the saddle during Colorado’s winter months!" The Bike+ certainly helps her achieve that goal, but she also wanted to spruce up the unfinished basement-turned-gym. "We hung some string lights and long fabric to make it look less desolate than staring at foundation and insulation. It gives it such a studio-like feel during cycling and yoga classes!" Between the mood lighting and motivating instructors, Heather's Peloton space is the perfect end-of-day destination. "I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: I am SO thankful to have this space during the pandemic. It’s so calming and centering, and allows us to step away from 'real life' and just spend time doing self-care."