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Peloton In the Wild: How Members Found Each Other In Real Life

Peloton In the Wild: How Members Found Each Other In Real Life

Wherever you go...there's probably a Member nearby.

By Dana Meltzer ZepedaUpdated June 30, 2020


One of the biggest benefits of becoming a Peloton Member is our welcoming community. Regardless of whether you receive a shout-out from your instructor or score a virtual high-five mid-class, Members can't stop raving about the undeniable sense of camaraderie. So it's only natural that some of us have sought out real-life relationships with other Peloton Members. We loved these three inspirational stories of how community Members (just like you!) first met and connected in person.

Wear Your Peloton Gear With Pride

Yes, Peloton apparel is super comfy, but it's also a great way to let people know you're a member of the club. That's exactly how Amanda N. met her Peloton pal Wendee during a leisurely stroll around her Nashville neighborhood last spring.

“My husband and I were walking home from a neighbor's house and Wendee and her daughter were walking home from a friend's house,” she says. “Wendee had a Peloton sweatshirt on, so we stopped and introduced ourselves. Turns out, she was leaving her friend Kelly's house, who lives two doors down from us and also owns a Peloton! We all quickly followed each other on the Peloton app and social media”

“We have all become good friends. We've hung out casually during the summer drinking wine on one of our decks or invited each other to picnics and parties at our homes. I was able to ride from home when they were in studio and Wendee and Kelly joined when Jeff and I were in New York City for our 500th and 600th rides in September. It's neat to have friends that get it and understand the importance of Peloton and the community in our lives.”

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Photo via Member @amyware73

How a Facebook Post Evolved Into a Lasting Friendship

Andrea J. was scrolling through her newsfeed on a Peloton Facebook page when she came across a post from another member asking for skincare recommendations. Since Andrea sells beauty products as a side hustle, she ended up making a sale to Grainne M., who has since become one of her closest friends. “Grainne messaged me about purchasing products and it happens that she lives about a half mile away,” says Andrea. “We messaged back and forth and she mentioned that I should start a Facebook group for people who live in Richmond. I started the group back in June of 2017 and now we have almost 600 people!” “We had our first meetup at a local cider tasting room with two other people, Alletta and Jennifer who are now the moderators of our group," says Andrea. "Grainne is so busy with her job I didn't want to add anything else to her plate, but I was so excited when I first met her. It was like we had already known each other for a long time. My friendship with these three wonderful ladies has grown since we met. Our conversations are not just Peloton now...we talk about life, family and work.”

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Find a Mom Squad

Ask any mom what it's like trying to make new friends after baby and she'll most likely tell you it's a bit like dating. Peloton helped make that process easier for Sarah F. when she met her friend Beth through a Facebook group called Peloton Road Riders. “I joined a page called the Peloton Road Riders where we meet up at various cycling events around the U.S.,” she says. “One of our mutual road rider friends and someone was trying to organize a group ride to welcome him. When I saw Beth on the list, I was instantly drawn to her.”

“I came on pretty strong! You have three kids? Me too! You love power zone training? Me too! You live in Arlington? Me too! We didn’t end up getting together for that group ride, so we eventually made a point to meet up and ride by ourselves. We instantly clicked. Our pace was the same. Our values were the same. Our mom stories were the same. We had the best connection. Since that day, we talk almost daily about our kids being crazy, our day-to-day lives and keep each other accountable for workouts.”

“The best part is knowing when a ride is fun or tough, you have a friend who will listen to you go on and on about how good it was or how it felt and genuinely care. She often encourages me with, 'I did that ride last week. It goes by so quickly.' That makes me motivated to do the class too. Or we can have crazy mom days and say, 'Meet on the bike in 30 minutes,' and we’ll be there to sweat out our stress together.”

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