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How Black History Month Empowers Peloton Member Katie Davis

How Black History Month Empowers Peloton Member Katie Davis

Coming together makes each workout more powerful.

By Team PelotonUpdated February 14, 2020


Peloton Member Katie Davis received her Bike from her husband back in 2017 as a wedding gift. While visiting the Atlanta Peloton showroom he had her answer trivia questions; “The last one helped me to figure out that we were bringing the bike home,” says Katie. The Bike served as a marker of an amazing milestone, but that was just the beginning of the role it would play in important moments throughout Katie’s life.

Close to the time she was ready to give birth to her son, Nolan, she was still riding. “I had a difficult pregnancy but still managed to fit in more low-impact rides and both Robin and Ally got me through some of the most challenging parts of my pregnancy,” says Katie. After Katie was cleared to get back on the Bike following her delivery, she immersed herself into the Peloton community and recommitted to her fitness routine by setting a goal for herself to move her body each day for 100 days in a row.

img-1-How Black History Month Empowers Peloton Member Katie Davis

Each high-five she received on the Leaderboard, each shoutout and message of encouragement, propelled her to keep going. “This community is amazing,” says Katie. “Getting to connect with people from all over is such a cool feeling that it’s hard to explain--the countless amounts of support, regardless of who the person is, is so strong and so powerful.”

As the community comes together to celebrate Black History Month, Katie reflects on how meaningful this month is to her in relation to her love for fitness. “When I was growing up, exercise wasn’t something that I saw Black women doing,” says Katie. “I love seeing Peloton and fitness in general being part of the culture--it makes it feel more inclusive.” Clipping into classes surrounded by a diverse community on the Leaderboard as well as those leading the class is another element that empowers Katie to give it all during her workouts. “It’s amazing to see instructors who look like me on the bike,” she says. “It’s how the world should look every day, all day.”

img-2-How Black History Month Empowers Peloton Member Katie Davis

Black History Month inspires Katie to keep making her own impact on the next generation right in her own home. As Nolan watches her on the Bike, it’s important to Katie to exude all the things she wants to teach her son to carry with him as he grows. “Fitness has made me who I am,” says Katie. “Fearless, strong and secure in myself--all traits that I want to pass on to my son on his own journey.”