20 Eco-Friendly Ways to Celebrate Your Milestones

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20 Eco-Friendly Ways to Celebrate Your Milestones

Our Members share their favorite sustainable ways to honor their accomplishments.

By Amy Gurvitz January 19, 2021

Whether you’ve logged 100 strength classes or 1,000 rides, your milestone deserves a celebration. Metallic number balloons make for a great photo-op, but they’re not the eco-friendliest option. (Though Member Tiffany M., a teacher, notes she re-used hers to celebrate the 100th day of school with her class!) Read on as Members share some of the more sustainable ways they mark their milestones—and get inspired to celebrate yours!

  1. “I used a letter board to share my excitement of doing 100 rides on social media. It’s something I can use over and over again.”—Elena S. (#SaavyGal425)

  2. “My husband sent a text message to a bunch of our friends and family for my 100 and 500 milestones. I was showered all day long by encouraging and uplifting text messages from so many people that I love. It was a beautiful way to extend my celebration!”—Griffin M. (#SpinninGriff)

  3. “My husband 3D prints me a small keychain with each milestone on it! My best friend is a milestone behind me, so when I get to the next milestone, she gets the one I had and then gives it to her husband! It’s like the sisterhood of the traveling keychain.” —Andrea B. (#HellaHangry)

  4. “I buy gently used workout apparel on Poshmark. You’re done with your Lulu? I’ll buy it from you for a fraction of full retail and then it isn’t in a landfill!”—Michelle C. (#MeeshFit)

  5. “My husband got me cookies with my face and favorite instructors on them.”—Ratchelle D. (#Rachel_Dean)

  6. “I had a charm made for my ‘accomplishments’ charm bracelet. The back is engraved with the month and year I reached 100. I’m going to do something similar for 1,000.”—Leslie B-H. (#ShinesBrite)

  7. “Self-care day! I pour myself a mimosa, make protein pancakes, take a bath, face mask, read a book. I just pamper myself.”—Tania T. (#MrsChandlerBing)

  8. “I purchased a ‘century’ plant for my house. Will be a daily reminder to keep going!”—Ashley P. (#Ashley504)

  9. “Several of us went to the Peloton showroom (pre-COVID) to celebrate our friend's 1,000th! They provided cake and favors after the ride!”—Shelly W. (#PinkBubbly)

  10. “I use my kids’ Lite Brite.”—Lauren P. (#Dramatic_Jumper)

  11. “Having friends on the Leaderboard showing up to your ride and then posting on social is how I celebrate.”—Elizabeth G. (#Elizabeth_spins)

  12. “I treat myself to one new item of workout clothing! For 100, I ordered a Peloton tank. It keeps me motivated to reach my goals.”—Jackie C. (#TequilaJackie)

  13. “A simple selfie. Add GIFs for confetti and balloons if you really need it.”—Julie M. (#JulesOnHerCrown)

  14. “My husband and kids sent me 100 roses for my 100th ride.”—Nicole T-E. (#nicket0122)

  15. “Back when the world was normal, I did 1,000 in a showroom and 500 in the NYC studio! And of course, champagne!”—Jessica S. (#Cycle4Champagne)

  16. “For my 200th, I got my Leaderboard name applied to the back of my Century Shirt. For my 500th, my family bought me a little cake from my favorite bakery.”—Anne B. (#SweatySpice)

  17. “I have a group I ride with, and we ride together to celebrate milestones.”—Brooke L. (#RunningCycO)

  18. “I celebrate big milestones by wearing newly purchased clothing from a recent Peloton drop. Love a nice bra and leggings set to feel extra during a live ride!”—Renee R. (#RoccRider)

  19. “A bottle of La Marca. And then we recycle!”—Myranda T. (#SweatInTheCity)

  20. “Dance party!”—Maureen O. (#Maureen32)

Elena S. (#SaavyGal425) celebrates her milestones with a reusable letter board

Celebrating your milestone in a sustainable way? We want to see! Share your photos with us on social media with the hashtag #onepeloton.

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