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Here’s How Our Community Made Latino Hispanic Heritage Month So Special

By Sara HaileOctober 15, 2019

Each fall as we celebrate Latino Hispanic Heritage Month in the Peloton community, we’ve gotten to witness our Members coming together in vibrant, strong and supportive ways. Whether it’s on the Bike working hard together during one of our Artist Series rides or post-workout celebrating and connecting with other Members online, the spirit of celebration is threaded through so many Peloton experiences and the theme of community was constantly present. This year, Peloton Members Norma T. and Victor C. realized that there needed to be a place to bring the Latin/Hispanic community together even more directly, and founded the Facebook group, Peloton Latinx. “This group is open to everyone,” says Victor. “It’s an opportunity to share and learn from each other!”

img-1-Here’s How Our Community Made Latino Hispanic Heritage Month So Special

Victor C. at the Peloton studio in NYC for his first in-studio class. during Latino Hispanic Heritage Month.

Even in the short time the group has existed, both Victor and Norma have seen an immediate connection between Members on the page as they make Peloton their shared point of connection. “Already I’ve seen people supporting each other anywhere from how they can make their favorite Latin dishes more nutritious to bonding over songs that were played in class,” says Norma. “I personally was moved during an Ally Love ride when she played ‘Lloraras’ by Oscar D’leron,” says Norma. “This is a track that I grew up listening to and I was so surprised to hear it that it brought tears to my eyes.”

img-2-Here’s How Our Community Made Latino Hispanic Heritage Month So Special

Norma T. riding at home

Both Victor and Norma agree that hearing their culture’s music and sharing their heritage over the past month has added even more energy to their workouts. “I could feel how just participating in a Latin ride improved my workouts and another Member even shared how she PR’d during a recent Latin ride,” says Victor. “I had no idea how salsa could be so motivating on the bike!” And while it’s been exciting to honor his culture, it’s been equally as awesome to see the instructors do this as well. “It’s so awesome when you get to hear the instructors talk about their Latin roots,” says Victor. Overall, both Victor and Norma agree that it’s a truly special feeling to take pride in their culture and celebrate and recognize it with the entire Peloton family, within the workouts that they love on the Bike. “As a Latino first-generation American, having Peloton celebrate our culture the way they do during Hispanic Heritage Month and beyond in a truly authentic way, makes us feel truly appreciated,” says Victor. “It makes us feel seen.”