I Discovered My New Favorite Song in a Peloton Class

By PelotonUpdated May 18, 2021


As our Members know, Peloton classes feature lots of songs that you’re guaranteed to know and love. From themed decade rides to hip hop HIIT cardio, there’s something for every musical taste, whether you’re looking to exercise live or on demand.

But many of our Members also use classes to discover new artists or songs, leading them to expand their musical tastes or find inspiration in new lyrics or sounds.

“In 2017, I was just back on the Bike after the birth of my first son,” says Kaitlin D. of Andover, Massachusetts. “Christine D’Ercole talked about being a single mom and how much it meant to her that her then 15-year-old daughter recommended a song she wanted her to listen to. It was Mariana Trench’s ‘Who Do You Love?’”

The song is about the wish to be a better person for the important people in your life.

“It was so catchy that I immediately fell in love with it,” Kaitlin says. “It played on repeat those early, exhausted days of new motherhood.”

For Diana N., a Member since December 2015 and a self-described “Boomer,” discovering contemporary music is a perk of her rides.

“I am in the older demographic, not very familiar with newer music, and I can always rely on Peloton classes to introduce me to something new,” she says from her home in Mobile, Alabama. “I had never heard Lizzo before they featured her in an Artist Series. She’s amazing, and I’m so glad I know her music now. There’s also one song in particular that Robin Arzón played in one of her classes called ‘Kiss the Sky,’ by Jason Derulo. I’m not sure what it is about that song, but it immediately puts me in a good mood when I hear it. As soon as I heard it, I hit the heart button and added it to my Spotify library.”

The ability to effortlessly add in-class songs to a Spotify playlist is invaluable to many Members who use it to log both old and new favorite songs.

“I use the heart button in the top corner all the time to store old-school songs I forgot about, like ‘Love and Happiness’ from Al Green to new music like Post Malone’s ‘Sunflower,’” says Brian A., a rider in Lambertville, Michigan.

Often the music discovered in class stays with Members long after the workout is over.

“I discovered the wonderful composer Max Richter from some meditation classes given by Ross Rayburn,” says Vicky S., of Nevada City, California. “The music I heard in the meditation class was slow, atmospheric and hypnotic. Quite beautiful. It completely draws me in. He’s also written some complicated and upbeat pieces which are fascinating. I don’t know a lot about him yet, but I want to learn more. He’s clearly brilliant and talented.”

Diana N. says she appreciates the time and effort the instructors put into their playlists.

“With Peloton, no matter who the instructor is, the playlist will always have one or two songs that bring a smile to my face or take me down memory lane,” she says. “I can thank Peloton for saving me from many ‘OK boomer’ moments by introducing me to music the kids listen to. Every ride is a musical surprise.”

—by Lucy Maher

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