I'm A Former Competitive Athlete, A Husband and A Dad—This Is My Week of Peloton Workouts

I'm A Former Competitive Athlete, A Husband and A Dad—This Is My Week of Peloton Workouts

Peloton Member Eryn J. loves that Peloton has him competing and working towards goals again, instead of just exercising.

By Eryn J. & Team PelotonUpdated November 2, 2021


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About Me

My mame: Eryn J.

Find me on the Leaderboard: jones_e

My Tags: #PelotonCanada, #PowerZonePack

I've been a Peloton Member since: 2019

I use: Peloton Tread, Peloton Bike, Peloton App

My occupation: General Manager

To introduce myself: I'm a former athlete who had a few knee surgeries and gave up sports. Now I have a full time job, a wife and two young kids. Life has changed, and Peloton has enabled me to get back to pushing myself mentally and physically. I’ve found the Peloton programming and equipment has brought back my drive to be my best self. I’ve really enjoyed setting personal fitness goals and continuing to set PRs.

A fitness achievement I'm proud of: My most recent FTP results on the Peloton Bike, averaging over 300 watts. Since the Peloton Tread came to Canada, I’m working on doing a 10km run in under an hour.

My most frequently taken class: Power Zone cycling, upper-body weights, 20-min. runs

My advice to other Peloton Members: Consider turning an off day into an active recovery day!

My Favorite...

  • Instructors: Emma Lovewell, Matt Wilpers, Rebecca Kennedy, Ben Alldis

  • Recovery day class: Low impact Ride or walks

  • Class playlist genre: Depends on the day!

  • Post-workout snack: Banana, protein powder, water

  • Time to work out: 5:30 AM, before the kids are up!


  1. 10 min Low Impact Ride with Ben Alldis

  2. 45 min Full Body Strength with Rebecca Kennedy

  3. 5 min Upper Body Stretch with Ben Alldis

I woke up today feeling sore from the workouts I did this weekend, so I told myself to just hop on the Peloton Bike to loosen up the legs. After the warm up, I was feeling good and went into a full-body strength. I am glad I did; it was a great way to start off the week.


  1. 45 min Power Zone Endurance Ride with Matt Wilpers

  2. 5 min Post Ride Stretch with Matt WIlpers

  3. 15 min Chest & Back Strength with Andy Speer

One thing I have really enjoyed about Peloton is that I am back to training towards fitness goals versus just exercising. I always do a longer PZE ride during the week. As Matt says, it is a training day, not a race day. I have found this to be helpful for increasing my total output for race rides.


  1. 10 min Warm-Up Run with Rebecca Kennedy

  2. 20 min HIIT Run with Chase Tucker

  3. 20 min Arms & Shoulders Strength with Andy Speer

  4. 10 min Core Strength with Rebecca Kennedy

  5. 10 min Upper-Body Stretch with Selena Samuela

We got the Peloton Tread as soon as it came to Canada in February, and I have just begun to add running into my weekly schedule, as I used to run regularly while training for Lacrosse. Twelve years ago, I had two knee surgeries and have never taken up running consistently since. I’ve gone through small stints of outdoor and treadmill running, but have always found it resulted in knee pain, so chose other ways to exercise. Since getting the Tread 10 weeks ago, I have been able to run without pain and have focused on slowly increasing my pace and distance. I’ve been doing two shorter runs during the week and longer runs/hikes on the weekend to get my body used to the workload. Today’s workout was great as the weekend soreness is gone. After my 20-minute run, I was fired up and felt like I had a lot left in the tank, so I went on to do 20 minutes of upper body and 10 minutes of core. Great morning workout!


  1. 5 min Warm-Up Ride with Matt Wilpers

  2. 30 min Classic Rock Ride with Matt Wilpers

  3. 20 min Chest & Back Strength with Chase Tucker

  4. 10 min Core Strength with Matty Maggiacomo

This morning I had planned on doing a Power Zone ride, but saw that Matt had a classic rock ride which spoke to me, so opted to do that instead. I stacked the ride with an upper-body class and a core class.


  1. 10 min Warm Up Run with Rebecca Kennedy

  2. 30 min Bootcamp: Upper Body with Adrian Williams

  3. 10 min Core Strength with Ben Alldis

  4. 5 min Lower-Body Stretch with Ben Alldis

  5. 5 min Upper-Body Stretch with Ben Alldis

  6. 10 min Full Body Stretch with Selena Samuela

I plan on doing a longer ride and run this weekend, so I wanted to try my first Tread Bootcamp this morning. I was not sure what I was getting into, so I went for a longer warm up to ensure I was ready. I love the positive energy Rebecca always brings to her classes. I really enjoyed the bootcamp and will be adding it as a weekly staple moving forward. To prepare for the longer workouts in the upcoming days, I added in some extra stretching.


  1. 75 min Power Zone Endurance Ride with Matt Wilpers

  2. 5 min Post-Ride Stretch with Matt Wilpers

I saw that Matt’s Saturday AM ride was a Power Zone Endurance and knew that I wanted to do that. However, I enjoyed myself a little bit too much on Friday night, so this ride was a grind. The format and music were great, but it was rough due to my own choices the night before. Either way, I got it done, and it is always a great way to kick off the weekend.


  1. 5 min Bootcamp Warm Up with Adrian Williams

  2. 10 min Warm Up Run with Selena Samuela

  3. 45 min 90s Run with Matty Maggiacomo

  4. 20 min 2010s Run with Selena Samuela

  5. 10 min Post-Run Stretch with Jess Sims

  6. 5 min Lower Body Stretch with Ben Alldis

Today was going to be a longer run, so I did an additional warm up to help my results. Matty’s 90s Run was enjoyable, and I found myself singing along to the music. As I neared the end of the run, I realized I was close to an interim goal I had set which was to run 10km in under 60 minutes. So the moment the run was done, I quickly started a 20-minute run. I am glad I chose Selena as right at the 9km mark, Sia’s “Chandelier” came on—perfect song to motivate me to crush the last leg out. Goal accomplished, 10km in 60 minutes, as well as setting personal bests on both the 45-minute and 20-minute runs. The last five minutes of the run, I was able to slow my pace and let my heart rate begin to come down. This was a great way to end the week. Time to work towards the next goal 20km in 120 minutes!

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