Unlock Your Complete Practice With Peloton Yoga

Unlock Your Complete Practice With Peloton Yoga

By PelotonUpdated April 19, 2021


Unlock Your Complete Practice With Peloton Yoga

Meet us on the mat in five new yoga collections.

Peloton Yoga has always been about meeting yourself on the mat just as you are. Whether you arrive to class seeking your inner power or are in need of a space to just reconnect your body and mind, there’s always a class and an instructor ready to serve you. Inspired by this core mission, we’re excited to give you a deeper look into Peloton Yoga: a full-spectrum approach to crafting your custom, complete practice at any ability level, designed and led by our expert instructors.

In any Peloton Yoga class, a key tenet is each instructor’s respect for the traditions and philosophies of yoga—all conveyed in a relatable manner so it feels like you’re flowing with an old friend. Beyond the instructors, you’re also flowing alongside a diverse range of fellow Members on the Leaderboard, everyone at their own ability level, because the Peloton Yoga experience is simultaneously deeply individual and a global communal experience.

Via our full-spectrum approach, you are empowered to customize your practice every single day by acknowledging what your mind, body and spirit need at any given moment and choosing the perfect Peloton Yoga offering to match. The five elements that comprise your complete practice are Foundation, Power, Focus, Recovery and Unity. Whether you choose to mix-and-match, become a firm fan of one or go on a journey through all five, we all start somewhere. Below, click the description that best matches the type of yogi you are, and we’ll suggest a Peloton Yoga element for you to discover first.

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So, you want to initiate or build upon your yoga journey with a strong base? Welcome to the Foundation collection. Through classes like Yoga Flow, Yoga Basics and Yoga Anywhere, our instructors will guide you through the fundamentals, cultivating a link between your physical and mental practice, which you can build upon with classes across all collections. Even if you’re a seasoned yogi, this collection is the perfect place to return to the roots of your practice. Because on the mat, we’re never done learning.

Join Beyond the Pose Yoga Flow classes, monthly on Tuesdays (beginning 4/27)

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So, you want to push the limits of your practice? Welcome to the Power collection. Arrive to the mat seeking a challenge and get ready to find your mental, physical and spiritual edge in Power Yoga classes. Whether you consider yourself an advanced practitioner or are looking to experience the extent of your fortitude, you’ve come to the right place. Classes will emphasize strength and stamina postures, move more quickly and your instructors will cue each pose with less detail than in a Foundation class. Because on the mat, we trust completely in our abilities.

Join Power Hour classes, Monday-Friday at 8 AM ET (beginning 5/3)

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So, you want to refine a specific component of your practice? Welcome to the Focus collection. Know exactly what you’re going to get when you tap into Focus Flow classes that dive deep into a specific pose, body part or even mood. Whether your body is telling you the hips need some space after a tough run, or you’re determined to feel powerful in Wheel Pose, you’ll find just the thing in this collection. Because on the mat, we honor our intentions.

Join Focus Friday classes, every Friday at 10:30 AM ET or 6 PM ET (beginning 5/14)

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So, you want to balance out the hard work you’ve been putting into other areas of your life? Welcome to the Recovery collection. On a day off from cycling, running or strength, reconnect your mind and body in classes like Slow Flow and Restorative Yoga. Soak in your effort and allow yourself a chance to replenish your energy stores for the next time you plan to go all-out. Because on the mat, we find space to slow down.

Join Sunday Slow Flow classes with Denis Morton, every Sunday at 11 AM ET (beginning 5/23)

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So, you want to let go and just move with the Peloton community by your side? Welcome to the Unity collection. The essential beauty of yoga is energy moving together in unison (“yoga” literally means “union!”)—an experience that is amplified by music and celebration in classes like Artist Series and Fit Family Flows. Lift your spirit, send some high fives and be at one with the Peloton community. Because on the mat, we’re part of something larger than ourselves.

Join Monday Music classes with Chelsea Jackson Roberts, every Monday at 6 PM ET (beginning 5/24)