Get Mindful Through Meditation With Cody Rigsby

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Get Mindful Through Meditation With Cody Rigsby

Peloton instructor Cody Rigsby releases a collection of Pride meditations.

Words By Team Peloton

You know Cody Rigsby for his dance moves, his high-energy teaching, and his catchphrases that stay with you long after you’re off the Bike. But this dynamic Peloton instructor has a quieter side, too—he’s meditated regularly for four years, and after completing a meditation training program, is officially releasing his first collection of meditation classes on the Peloton platform. “Timing is everything,” Cody says, “and I am so excited to be sharing this side of me with all of you, especially during Pride.”

Meditation and mindfulness have always been a part of Cody’s routine, on and off the Bike, to root himself in the present moment and remind him to savor every breath, bead of sweat and smile. Cody’s approach to meditation is to give anyone he’s practicing with a piece of himself in every class. Cody wants to share his experiences with you and be vulnerable with you, in hopes that his example might help you do the same through your meditation practice.

Cody’s meditation classes are full of joy, heart and love. Of course he’s always here to remind you that “it’s not that deep,” but now here’s also here to remind you to look deep within yourself so that you can get more out of your meditation practice, your workouts and your life.

Cody’s meditation classes are available on demand now. See you there, boo!

Team Peloton