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Busy Parents Need To Prioritize Workouts--Here’s Why

By PelotonUpdated December 30, 2019


Parents--we commend you. Being a mom or dad is a demanding job and we know that many of you are out there giving it your all every day. When Peloton Cycling instructor and supermom Jenn Sherman opened up about the challenges of being busy parents to our community, hundreds of people responded, so we asked Jenn to share her thoughts on the importance of “me” time, and how motherhood taught her why she needs to sweat.

Let Your Routine Evolve

As busy parents, sometimes it may seem like your schedule doesn’t stop. “I know it’s not always easy, but making the time for yourself on this bike should be mandatory,” says Jenn. If you’re feeling stretched too thin for reasons that are truly out of your control, don’t let that become an excuse. “Set a reasonable number of workouts you want to hit each week,” suggests Jenn. And if you don’t reach that goal? No problem. “Every day, week or month doesn’t have to look the same--reset and always keep going after that objective.”

Perfect Isn’t The Priority

Being a parent can pull you in several different directions and finding the time to fit in a workout can be challenging. “Finding the balance in our lives is tough and I struggle every day trying to get it all done,” says Jenn. One thing she’s sure of though: how necessary her workout is. “After many years of motherhood, I’ve learned that I need to sweat--for my health and overall sanity.” So whether it’s for a quick 15-minute class or a full 45-minute sweat session, it’s important to carve out the time to keep yourself in the habit and not letting perfect be the enemy of good. “More than anything else, working out regularly will help you stay committed to your ‘you’ time.”

Remember Why You’re Working Out

When you’re working hard to support your family in every way, by the end of the day it might seem easier to just skip your workout and neglect your own needs--but don’t feel guilty about setting aside your time to sweat. “Just like you, my kids exhaust me and make me crazy but everything I do in life, I do for them,” says Jenn, and that includes working out. “Chances are, after class, you’ll feel like an even better version of yourself and even more ready to take on anything that comes your way!”

Want to connect with Jenn? Learn more about her life on and off the Bike on her Peloton Facebook page.