The adidas x Peloton Apparel Collection Is Here

The adidas x Peloton Apparel Collection Is Here

Inspired by our Members, designed by our instructors, ready to wear for all.

By PelotonUpdated July 8, 2021


If you read no further than this, there’s just one thing we really want you to know: The adidas x Peloton Apparel Collection collection was created for YOU. You, a parent who squeezes in your workout before dawn; you, who’s embarking on your fitness journey and stepping into your power for the first time; you, the one who’s been knocked down enough times to demoralize even the strongest among us, but you always stand up stronger. Your unrelenting commitment to keep moving, keep showing up and keep improving inspired us into action. Welcome to adidas x Peloton Apparel, a collection designed to support you on the Bike, Tread, mat, in the home office, out in the world and wherever else your journey takes you.

The Peloton and adidas communities overlap in the most meaningful of ways. Our collective Members light up the room with their vibrancy, are always in pursuit of bettering themselves in order to show up for others and, above all, believe that we go further when we go together. Designed by Peloton instructors Cody Rigsby and Ally Love, this collection embodies all of the above in every stitch. Inspired by everything our Members have achieved and that which they’re striving towards every day, every piece in this collection will make you feel a part of something larger—part of the collective movement that galvanized it. Because by wearing these pieces, you’re stating your intention to be your best self.

Through colors, patterns and cuts that leave no one behind, the adidas x Peloton collection celebrates you and amplifies your energy. Read on to hear how Ally and Cody concepted this collection, and meet the Members who modeled each piece in our photoshoot to help bring them to life.

img-1-The adidas x Peloton Apparel Collection Is Here

Peloton instructors, fashion designers—what can’t you do?! Tell us about your creative inspiration behind this collection.

Cody Rigsby: “We wanted this collection to pop, to feel like something you have never seen before from Peloton apparel. We wanted it to be approachable for all, and for everyone to feel welcome in these pieces.”

Ally Love: “Never aim to fit in. Always be willing to stand out. That is us setting precedence. That is us encouraging everyone to uniquely be themselves and celebrate differences.”

Members—how did you discover Peloton and become part of the community?

Caroline C.: “In 2015, I was diagnosed with a minor heart condition. After years of doing HIIT and bootcamp workouts, my cardiologist recommended that I focus on less resistance training. For months, I was in denial that I couldn't continue my sweat-inducing bootcamp classes, and I eventually fell into a semi-depression. My husband decided to surprise me with a Peloton Bike on Christmas in 2016. My first ride with Alex Toussaint surely humbled me! I knew from that first class that I had found my new calling.”

Gemini N.: “Running has always been part of my life. In April 2019, while training for a few races, I suffered an ankle injury while skiing. After months of treatment and physical therapy, I started to ease into running by doing some low-impact cardio, like cycling. After a few cycling classes at various studios throughout New York City, I found myself taking a live class at the former Peloton Cycling Studio in Chelsea. During the COVID-19 pandemic, I found myself using the Peloton App almost every day and eventually purchased the Tread+ and later the Bike+.”

Kiera C.: “I was intrigued by Peloton as I've been an avid cyclist, and this was something I never thought I could have in my home. I became a Member because Peloton is about more than just the workout, it is a lifestyle, a community and there is so much variety for workout type and length.”

Tell us your definition of an "athlete." Do you consider yourself to be one?

Meghan K.: “To me, an athlete is anyone who sets a physical goal of any kind and commits and trains to achieve it. An athlete isn't limited to the physically elite; anyone who moves their body with purpose and gets after it day after day, setbacks and all, with the mental and physical strength to keep doing better makes a true athlete. I do consider myself to be one!”

Andrew T.: “I played soccer my entire life, so yes, I consider myself an athlete. But, an athlete in my eyes doesn't have to be defined by a sport. For me, an athlete is anyone who is pushing themselves to be physically better than they currently are.”

Laura S.: “I was formerly a professional athlete for U.S. swimming but definitely separated from that identity after I didn't make the Olympics. Peloton has let me indulge that side of my life without having to spend four hours in the pool everyday.”

Caroline C.: “The two main characteristics that I believe define an athlete are self-discipline and perseverance. I was a three-sport varsity athlete in high school and played Division 1 lacrosse in college. I fought for every goal I scored and for every basket I made. Fast forward to the present, I believe that I am the ‘athlete’ my children admire and respect. Today, my competition is against myself to never be complacent.”

img-2-The adidas x Peloton Apparel Collection Is Here

Does the apparel you wear while working out or teaching a class impact your vibe? How?

Cody: “I am very attached to my style. If what I’m wearing doesn’t feel right, it will throw off my vibe. Everything in this collection makes me feel ready to be my best.”

Courtnee W.: “The look and the fit is essential for an optimal workout. When I look good, I feel convinced to do better and to go harder to continue the cycle. I love dressing up for theme rides too, it’s truly indulging into the community experience!”

Will W.: “It does, tremendously. There are times where that last push needed to finish a ride or workout comes from just catching a glimpse of myself in motion.”

These pieces prove that performance activewear can make a statement on the streets. What's your favorite piece to take out of your workout and into your life? 

Cody: “My favorite is the sweatpant set. I love that it’s versatile and for any gender. We wanted anyone to feel comfortable in these pieces. I also really love the women’s shorts.”

Gemini N.: “The shorts are my go-tos. I love how comfortable they are, but also that they’re super technical and moisture wicking.”

Meghan K.: “I am a sucker for a great hoodie, especially the cropped styles that have become so popular. It's the perfect piece to layer at the start of a workout and ditch once you're warmed up, then throw back on at the end and go on with your day.”

Andrew T.: “The joggers, cut-off shirts and the orange jumpsuit … I love that style! I also really like the shorts. They’re comfortable, and I would be lying if I said I didn't like showing off my quads!”

Wearing impactfully designed pieces like these can help us see the higher versions of ourselves. Tell us something you envision yourself achieving while wearing this collection. 

Courtnee W.: “I see myself inspiring other young women to feel themselves while wearing this collection. I feel fly, beautiful and strong, so I hope to be able to convey that energy and inspire other people to feel the same way. The look is the compliment to the energy, the attitude and the vibe.”

Kiera C.: “This amazing collection is colorful, comfortable, fun and fashionable! I envision myself continuing to break my personal record each and every class I take.”

Cody: “My goal is always to inspire Members to find their purpose and to put that purpose into action. If I can do that, I feel like I have achieved my goal.”

Will W.: “I envision myself moving and shaking through the streets of NYC. It’s my perfect uniform for getting things done or having some fun. It's nice to have something that performs so well, and still looks good.”

Laura S.: “Performing stand-up comedy for late-night TV. If I can get an audience to laugh at my jokes while I'm wearing workout gear—now that would be the highest version of myself.”

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