Ride by the numbers.

Measure the effectiveness of your ride using defined resistance, specific cadence and energizing music to push yourself to achieve your goals. Compete with riders from all over the country as you climb your way to the top of the leaderboard.

Ride by the beat.

You will be guided through a full body workout to an inspiring soundtrack that will lift your spirit, transform your body, and clear your mind. Connect with riders from all over the world as you make change from the inside out.


Keep things fun and festive.

Join the party with these special themed rides. Music, holidays, any excuse for our instructors to wear a crazy costume and keep things interesting. We’re adding new themes all the time so there’s something for everyone!

Live DJ

Dance with the DJ.

Our instructors are joined in the studio by a live DJ in these infectiously energetic rides. Ride along as these top industry talents creatively mix up curated playlists of fan favorites and the hottest new tracks.


Build your foundation.

Gain the confidence you need to go the distance: Beginner rides feature shorter intervals, a lower range of resistances, frequent form checks, and high-energy music to keep each ride fun and exciting.

Pro Cyclist

Practice with the pros.

Train with the guys who actually ride the Tour de France. Expect heavy intervals and all out effort to build your endurance so you can go the distance.

Beyond the Ride

Round out your workout.

The perfect complement to your rides, whether you’re looking to stretch, tone, strengthen, or just switch things up. These diverse workouts are designed with the Peloton rider in mind, and can be done before, after, or in addition to our signature rides.