What is Peloton? It's Motivation That Moves You.

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What is Peloton? It's Motivation That Moves You.

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You’re on the starting line for the underdog team that made the playoffs, and the whole game is on the line…

You’ve just got a few more sales to close before you hit your goal for the year.…

You’re on the edge of the battlefield, looking for a leader to emerge to inspire you to victory…

You can watch epic film moments like these, or you can experience them yourself in a Peloton class. Peloton was created to solve the problem of finding exercise you can stick with, because we make motivation that moves you; classes that are the right mix of instruction and entertainment for whatever you’re in the mood to experience. Our Peloton instructors are the secret to why so many people keep going with our workouts when so many other workout routines have failed them, and we wanted to celebrate that in our newest brand campaign:

No matter who you are or what challenges you’re facing, Peloton is here to meet you where you are, with the motivation you need to keep pushing.Peloton Instructor Adrian Williams summarizes what encouraging Members means to him: “Anyone who takes my classes knows I coach from a place of encouragement. Motivating Members isn’t just about pushing them physically to grow stronger but also inspiring them to embrace self-love and compassion.”

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"These words of empowerment have helped me through some VERY dark times and help me feel like I can conquer anything!" - Member #Nicolesummer1

Led by the most authentic instructors with immersive content including cycling, running, strength, yoga, meditation, dance cardio, boxing and much more, Peloton makes achieving your goals and treating yourself well something you’ll crave. There will always be tough days or challenges to overcome, but with the brand’s unique motivation on tap, it’s more fun to keep going than to stop.

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"Tunde said “it’s not easy. It wasn’t supposed to be” in such a way that it stuck with me and made me cry!" - Member #one_and_done_81

This is the first campaign to highlight Peloton’s instructors, and moves them outside of their usual class environments, to iconic cinematic environments. In the TV commercials, Rad Lopez finds himself in a college locker room giving a half-time pep talk; Jess Sims convinces the audience in a thriller scene that they have the strength to take on fear itself; and Adrian Williams is in an 80s boardroom motivating business leaders to keep pushing. Cody Rigsby brings his signature sense of fun to a medieval setting, as he inspires a group of downtrodden villagers, who realize that they are indeed worthy of turning heads. Exaggerated scenes, but all highlighting the different flavors of motivation our instructors bring, and all communicating how the Peloton experience feels.

“One of the things we regularly hear from our Members is the powerful relationships they form with their favorite instructors,” said Dara Treseder, Peloton SVP, Global Head of Marketing, Communications, and Membership. “Whatever they need, many have go-to instructors who know just how to meet them where they are and unlock that motivation in them. We wanted to bring that front and center for the first time, and showcase the different flavors of motivation via different instructors and styles.”