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Feel It All With the Peloton Mood Series

By Adina AnandMay 26, 2021

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How are you, really? Every time we clip in, lace up or roll out the mat in prep for a workout, we’re doing so with an intention—whether consciously or subconsciously. It’s our why, our reason, our energy at any particular moment in time that drives us to movement, and Peloton’s Mood Series is here to help you honor all three. However you’re feeling when you arrive at your workout, these special classes will give you the freedom and space to sit with your emotions, move through them or come out on the other side in a different state of mind. They’ll be a little different from our typical classes, because the focus will be on using the workout and playlist as a means to address your intention for being there—not so much about competition and your metrics.

The Mood Series is at your fingertips, but step one asks you to check in with yourself. Be honest with how you’re feeling (a little tired? Energy to spare?), what you’re bringing to your workout (news to celebrate? A big decision to make?) and what type of workout would serve you. From there, pick any of the five moods to tap into, in classes from cycling to strength, yoga and beyond.


We love that you’re here. Relish in your joy, and let it surge through your body as you sprint, jump and skip in elation to even happier tunes. If you start class on a high, just wait until you’re done. We’ll meet you in the clouds.


...And sometimes, we find ourselves here. It’s all part of the process—and we respect every turn. In these classes, we’ll sit with our sadness instead of reacting to instinct and running from it, but by the end of the road, we’ll hope to experience a shift in perspective, no matter how small.


It’s a straight up vibe. Whether we’re here because everything is perfectly in its place or because we hope to channel that energy on the other side, the mantra for these classes is steady. Low, slow, simmering efforts will help us realize that there’s no need to rush, because we have all the time in the world.


Sometimes we simmer and sometimes we come closer to a boil. But don’t turn the flame down just yet—jump into one of these classes to bust through some metaphorical (and mental) walls, and release that pent-up heat. Because energy can’t be destroyed—but it can be transformed, and that’s what we’re here to do.


Yeah, you are! We wish we could bottle up these classes for a quick hit anytime we need this energy—but then again, they’re always here for you. If you need to be reminded of your power or want to celebrate your spectacular self, show up to one of these classes. Your posture may just gain an inch or two in height once you’re done.

We can’t wait for you to experience the power of honoring your emotions through sweat. That being said, while these classes are a fantastic way to tap into yourself, please know that they are not a substitute for medical diagnosis, treatment or psychotherapy. We encourage you to speak with a health provider or mental health professional about specific emotional or mental well-being concerns. Check out the below websites for resources in your region:

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